how to soothe crying baby

How To Calm A Fussy Baby

Tasha Mayberry

All babies tend to get fussy at one point or another, whether it’s because they need a diaper change, a feeding, or just have a cranky disposition. If you’ve tried everything you can think of to soothe your baby and nothing works, it may be time to try a few different techniques. Every baby is unique and has different methods that work for her – just keep trying and testing to see what works best for your baby. It’s better to find out what works sooner rather than later so you will always have this trick up your sleeve when dealing with a crying baby.

1. Give baby a bath

Babies love to feel warm and snugly and a nice, warm bath will probably do the trick, especially before bedtime. Make sure to use an organic and all-natural baby body wash for bath time like Andy Pandy Organics. These products are gentle on baby and free of chemicals and artificial fragrances. A moisturizing lotion can be used after the bath to gently massage baby.

2. Use a swaddle

It’s recommended that babies be swaddled for sleep because it recreates the womb experience where they felt most comfortable. Swaddling isn’t easy to get the hang of, so a zip up swaddle like the Woombie will have your baby feeling snuggly in no time and will help your baby self-soothe and fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer throughout the night.

3. Breastfeed

If breastfeeding is a possibility, it’s a great tactic to soothe your baby. Not only does breastfeeding provide baby with nourishment, it also helps mom bond with baby and provides her with comfort as she gets to nestle in close to mom.

4. White noise

A white noise machine will help provide some soothing background noise – babies are used to hearing loud noises in the womb so it helps them fall asleep and reduces their crying. The machine should be louder than baby’s crying to be effective, but not so loud that it will be scary.

5. Rock your baby

Babies love rhythmic rocking motions – that’s why rocking chairs are usually found in nurseries. You can place baby in a swing or glider but if you don’t have one of these, just carrying baby around in a sling and gently bouncing her should also work. As a last resort, go for a short drive around the neighborhood with baby.

6. Teething toy / necklace

Try offering baby a pacifier or teething toy to keep them calm. This will soothe baby’s instinctive need to suck and allows her to self-soothe. This should also ease the discomfort caused by teething for older babies. You can also have your baby wear natural amber / Baltic amber teething necklace. This traditional necklace is believed to have multiple benefits for babies. Amber is a natural pain reliever that releases a calming, pain relieving oil once it is in direct contact to the skin. This oil, also known as succinic acid creates a calming effect to the body and relieve any sort of irritation and pain something that most if not all babies experience during teething.