Premium Bamboo Training Pants

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Eco-friendly training pants made from the highest quality premium materials. Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial making it ideal for babies with sensitive skin.

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Premium Bamboo Training Pants REVIEWS

Customer Reviews

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Too narrow and never available

As many have written, these training pants are nice but far too narrow to be functional. They slip and slide all over the place. Another reason they don’t fit, is that Andy Andy hasn’t offered the 2T size in months. We have been using size 3T, which don’t fit our kid at all. Customer service said they’d notify my when their stock was replenished but it’s been about 3 months now with not even an update. The customer service leaves something to be desired.

Not as good as the diapers!

I agree with other reviewers about them being cut too narrow in the back. The rear end portion definitely needs to be widened to avoid a ‘sumo’ fitting diaper in the rear. The poop leaks out the backside bc it shifts so much, especially without leggings to hold the training pant in place.

Favorite Brand!

Love these chemical free diapers and training pants! They are comfy and stretchy and super absorbent! Highly recommend!

Runs Large!

My daughter fits perfectly in the large diaper and has never had so much as a leak. I ordered the 2T. These are tall and very narrow, although they have a lot of stretch. The cut of the rise and leg opening is very high (think “bikini”) She peed straight out the leg hole while napping!
(She is long, lean, petite 26#s)

Mackenzie Thompson

We've been using Andy Pandy diapers for many years with our kids and they are the absolute BEST diaper in every way. So we were very excited when they announced their new training pants. Everything is identical to the high standards of the diapers, EXCEPT, the fit of the training pant is extremely odd. The back is literally only 4 inches wide (we have the 4T XXL). It is SO incredibly narrow and impractical.

To compare...the back width of the XL diaper is 5 inches wide with another 1.5 inches of ruffled elastic on both sides, so the back of the XL diaper is a total of 8 inches wide.....DOUBLE the width of these 4T XXL training pants. It's crazy! A poop in these training pants is an absolute disaster because it barely covers the child's butt crack. They look like a Brazilian bikini bottom and immediately give our child a wedgie.

All the competitor's training pants are much wider. Even underwear is much wider. These training pants make no sense and are incredibly disappointing. I hope they'll realize this huge flaw and redesign them. If they were wider like they're supposed to be, then they'd be perfect! A training pant that doesn't perform well is useless.