The Benefits of Lavender

The Benefits of Lavender

Macy Dela Cruz

BY: Alicia Wilke


Ahhh...lavender. This pretty purple flower is nice to look at, and has amazing aromatherapy benefits, dating all the way back to ancient Roman times! Seriously! All the mummies in Egypt got down with some lavender. Can’t you just picture a mummy putting a few drops of lavender oil in the diffuser, stepping into their tomb, falling asleep....

LSDBGALERHGAILUFBVwhvdsl WHOA I fell asleep myself! Right now typing this! Just thinking about lavender! Whoops!

As I was saying, the benefits of lavender are wondrous:


There have been many studies on the sleepy effects of lavender, one in particular studied the effect lavender had on people who suffered from insomnia. The gist of the study is this: people who were told to sleep in a lavender-scented room were more likely to fall deeply asleep than those who had no lavender. How cool is that? And where can I sign up to sleep?!


Lavender is naturally anti-inflammatory, and is very soothing for red, itchy skin- even diaper rash! Lavender has also been said to stimulate blood circulation, making it great for hair growth when used diluted in a natural shampoo. But as always, check with your doctor before putting any essential oils to use on your skin! 


Place a bouquet of lavender on your kitchen table to keep mosquitos, fleas, moths, and flies away! Or plant it near your front entrance to keep the front of your home pretty and pest-free. 


By simply smelling lavender, let all your stress melt away. I know from experience, that when I am stressed up to my eyeballs (and aren’t we all a little stressed up to our eyeballs lately?!) I like to take a good big fat giant whiff of lavender, perhaps even aggressively! Really let my nose get it all in there. And then, on the exhale? Sighhhhhhhhh. Let it all out. And I feel a whole lot better! 

And for all you mamas and dadas out there, imagine how relaxing a lavender scented bath would be for you and your baby?! Check out Andy Pandy Organics: Lavender Baby Shampoo & Body Wash. 100% all natural and safe for baby’s skin, for a fun and super soothing bath time. 😊💜