Taking A Moment...

Taking A Moment...

Kierstynn Lyon

Being a parent is many things - busy, tiring, stressful, joyous and unknowingly rewarding. Being a mom is all of these things and so much more.

When a woman becomes a mother her life changes forever. Her actions are made with her newborn baby’s life constantly kept in mind. Her time becomes occupied with changing dirty diapers, warming a bottle and doing laundry. Her sole focus is her small and precious baby and keeping them happy and healthy. From caring for them from the day they’re born and on, mothers work tirelessly to raise their children.

With eighteen plus years of raising a child, mothers often become so occupied by their little one that they sometimes forget about themselves. It can be easy for parents to feel like they have lost their personal identities in the midst of juggling everyday life and caring for their children.

Mothers are the world’s superheroes and superheroes deserve a break from time to time. It is important to reserve some time every day for you and only you. Whether it be to have a cup of coffee in the quiet, a jam sesh to your favorite song back in the day, a bubble bath or a glass of wine after the kids are put to bed, remember to take a moment for yourself.

You are raising the future generation and doing your best, but you can’t be the stellar mom that you are if you don’t remember to take a simple moment for yourself every once in a while. Sometimes you need a break and that’s okay!

Some guilt-free alone time is always needed. Keyword, guilt-free. Don’t feel bad for taking a moment to step away from the craziness and relax. Every mother deserves it and your kids will have a happier mom because of it.

So whether it is a short 15-minute car ride or a 30-minute face mask, step away from the mom life and take a moment to just be you.