Let’s Shine a Bright Spotlight on the Fabulous Women Behind Andy Pandy

Let’s Shine a Bright Spotlight on the Fabulous Women Behind Andy Pandy

Jay Mangalindan

As we celebrate International Women's Month, it's our pleasure to shine a spotlight on the incredible women who bring so much magic to Andy Pandy! From leadership roles to creative endeavors, their dedication, innovation, and leadership keep the Andy Pandy brand going through peaks and valleys.

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Jessica Hansen, CEO: The heartbeat of the brand. Leading with warmth and genuine concern for her team and community (just like the Mom that she is!) Jessica has built Andy Pandy as a company that fosters a culture of inclusivity, support, and respect where everyone feels valued and empowered. Jessica’s compassion extends far beyond the Andy Pandy community —  she is deeply invested in making a positive impact in the world through giving back initiatives, local outreach programs, and sustainable business practices. Jessica is not just a CEO; she's a compassionate force for positive change in the world.

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Macy Dela Cruz, Head of Operations: Macy, Andy Pandy’s go-to-girl, has been with the Hansen couple since the beginning of their adventures as a company, ensuring that the team navigates the ups and downs of day-to-day operations. Macy’s positive attitude and commitment have been instrumental in overcoming the bumps along the way. In her decade-long (and counting) journey with the company, Macy has watched many of our OG Andy Pandy babies go from tiny infants to potty training champs; building bonds that are as strong as our diapers!

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Cindy Mangalindan, Customer Relations Superstar: With her warm personality, genuine empathy, and unwavering dedication, Cindy has built strong and lasting relationships with our customers over the years. Cindy’s “secret sauce” lies in her innate ability to listen attentively to customers' needs and concerns. Cindy remembers the little details — whether it's a customer's preferred communication method, their cute little stories, or their favorite product, and uses this knowledge to personalize their Andy Pandy experience.

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Bianca Leoquinco, Creative Content Designer: Bianca, Andy Pandy’s resident graphic designer, has a keen eye for design trends and a flair for creativity. With precision and efficiency, Bianca transforms every Andy Pandy story into a fantastic visual treat.

This is just a sneak peek into the fabulous lineup of talented women who grace our company with their presence and expertise. 

Throughout this month, we encourage everyone to take a moment to celebrate the women in their lives, whether it's a colleague, a mentor, a friend, or a family member. 

To all the incredible women of our Andy Pandy community — our lovely Andy Pandy Mommies (and grams, and aunts), our amazing Ambassadors and collaborators, thank you for being a world-changer! Keep radiating your sparkle ✨

Happy International Women’s Day!