Kindness Starts With You

Kindness Starts With You

Macy Dela Cruz

“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now,” Jack Kerouac wrote in a beautiful letter to his first wife and lifelong friend. The world can always use a little more kindness. Lately, it’s become harder and harder to remember this super simple fact- that being kind to everyone around you makes the world a better place. Here are a few ideas to spread some kindness out into your world today :)


Buy a Coffee!

If you happen to have a drive thru coffee place that you go to in the morning, even just once in a while as a treat, why not treat the person in line behind you too? Buying a stranger’s coffee without them knowing is a simple way to spread a little joy right away first thing in the morning!


Donate some snacks!


To your child’s classroom, to your local hospital for the nurses and doctors who are working so hard lately, to the teacher’s lounge at your local elementary, to nursing homes for the staff and residents, to courier hubs or simply leave some by the front door for delivery men! Spreading some unexpected snack joy is always a great way to show others that you are thinking of them and appreciate all that they do!


Drop off a meal to a neighbor in need!


Something as simple as a frozen lasagna to a special friend or neighbor in need- to your friend who just became a new mom, or their family has grown by a plus one, or to anyone you can think of who might enjoy not having to cook for the night - dropping off a meal shows others around you that you are thinking of them! 


Call your family!

A quick call to just say hello and catch up, can mean more to a person than anything bought or sent in the mail. Our lives are so busy with work, school, keeping up with laundry and homework, it’s easy to throw the “busy” excuse on why they never hear from you. Take time to call and ask how THEY are doing! 


Send flowers!


Sending a small bouquet of flowers in the mail, just because, is one of the best ways to surprise someone with kindness. This can be to your child’s school’s front desk ladies (who we know are the heart and soul of the entire building!), or to your grandma, or your mother, or to a friend, out of the blue, just because you care! 


Shop kindly!

There are more ways than ever to be kind, even when you shop for yourself and your family! Many businesses have ways they give back based on your purchase, and this not only makes for a better place environment-wise, but is also a great teaching moment for your kids. Explaining how the businesses you shop with can in turn help others, this can teach kids of the “ripple” effect one small act has on the whole world.


Shopping with Andy Pandy, you help the planet with the sustainability of our ingredients! And you help families in need of medical care with a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. And most recently, you help plant TWO trees back into the earth with every purchase, with the partnership of the Eden Project! How kind is that?! 

How do you teach kindness within the walls of your home? We’d love to hear your comments below!


Alicia Wilke