It's Fall Y'all

It's Fall Y'all

Macy Dela Cruz

Ahh, Fall! The smell of leaves and harvests! While not as bright as Spring nor as sparkling as Summer, there are still fun activities to be experienced and enjoyed, as we celebrate and be thankful for the bounty of the land.

Foremost of Fall activities are pumpkins. Design your own pumpkin with your kids and help them carve it. Or simply try out new pumpkin recipes to spice up the traditional feast!

Along with pumpkins, try visiting an apple orchard! Drink delicious apple cider and assorted apple recipes. Fall is not only the pumpkin's time to shine!

Try to attend a fall festival! A lot of harvest celebrations happen around the country. Other food appears in here like corn and grapes, some have street dancing, live entertainment and carnival rides!

Sweep the leaves in the yard, try to collect ones with a cool or unique design! After piling them up, jump in them! Enjoy the simple fun that nature provides!

Picking out a Halloween costume! You can prepare for Halloween and get started on the costume in advance. Prepare the props, prepare the signature poses or quotes! Thinking up and designing who to appear as is just as fun as acting them out!


Be sure your kids are equipped for all the Fall celebrations and field trips to avoid those holiday boo-boos! 😉


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