Home Date Ideas For New Parents

Home Date Ideas For New Parents

Macy Dela Cruz

Home Date Ideas

By: Rita Doctor


When was the last time you dated with your spouse? I know a couple who religiously sets aside their Mondays as date nights.  No doubt, these weekly dates have made their relationship more solid and stronger.  


Raising a family can sometimes be overwhelming that we sometimes forget to nurture our relationship with the person we refer to as our better half.  Thus, we cannot emphasize more the importance of having “we” (you + spouse) time.  


During this pandemic, home dates have become a staple.  Our most memorable dates, after all, were not necessarily in fancy restaurants. The ones we remember the most are dates where we got our hearts full.


Running short of home date ideas? Check out these suggestions that we have narrowed down to three categories:


  • Fun
    • Marshmallow or Pillow Fights.  Things needed: Two bags of huge marshmallow or a pile of pillows. Actually, the more mallows or pillows, the merrier! The cardinal rule for this game is to have FUN.  Come up with questions for you and your partner.  If one of you fails to answer the questions correctly, throw marshmallows or hit him/her a pillow.  If Q&A is not your thing, just be creative and think of something that will ignite this enjoyable fight.   Don’t forget to let it escalate to a full-blown marshmallow or pillow fights! That’s where the fun really is.


    • Prom Night Dance. Remember the thrill when you first attended your Prom Night?  Ah, to be young and in love! There’s something about swaying to the music you’ve grown up to.   Set the mood by choosing your favorite dance music playlist.  Make sure that your partner can relate to this music, too.  Mix-up some cocktails and set-up a bit of a mood lighting and get ready to dance the night away.


    • Doing things together.  Whether doing a couple workout or playing board games or cooking together – engaging in a fun activity strengthens your bond as a couple.  There is something beautiful in working together towards a common goal.  The results – priceless!


  • Romantic
    • Checking out old albums.  Reviewing your family’s printed photos or digital albums are great conversation starters.   You get to reminisce your past adventures, mishaps and everything in between.  Like your honeymoon picture in Machu Picchu, Peru – a destination which your sister suggested.  It was an overall thrilling experience witnessing the impressive Inca civilization.  After a whole day of climbing steep mountain peaks, however, it has left you physically wasted with no energy to do any form of physical activity other than to sleep. Sleeping on your honeymoon, how great is that!


    Looking at old photos doesn’t cost you anything but will elicit loads of laughter leaving both of you with a good, warm and cozy feeling. 


    • Gratitude Jar.  Admit it we don’t say enough thank-you’s to our partners.  Sometimes it’s easier to point out the faults of our spouses than acknowledge the good things they make for us and the kids.  Grab a mason son jar.  Get a pen and cut-out sheets of paper and as a couple begin to write the things that you’re thankful for your partner.  It may be uneasy for both of you at first but believe me, this is one exercise and will make you appreciate each other on a deeper level.  The next time you feel like biting your spouse’s head off, you can just open your gratitude jar to remind you of the kind of special person you have in your life.


    • Candlelit Dinner.   Prep-up for a romantic dinner and by that, we just don’t mean executing a sumptuous menu for the night and doing an impeccable table set-up.  We mean the two of you getting all made-up and dressed to nines for your intimate dinner date at La Maison.  And perhaps in between those bites, you can exchange sweet nothings as you used to do when you both started your relationship.


  • Amorous
    • Spa Night. Dim lights, aromatic candles, ginger tea and soothing music in the background all make up for an amorous evening date.  Give each other relaxing massages but you don’t want to do it all too well.  Otherwise, one of you may find yourself in a deep sleep.  Believe me, when the massages get too relaxing – either you or your partner will doze off and will be carried to dreamland.


    • Movie Night.  I know it’s quite banal to suggest watching movies together.   The right movie choice though can set the mood for a more interesting night together.  Plus, the fact that you cozy up on your bed, sharing popcorn and wine under one sheet is pure bliss!


    • Play Games. By games, we mean the ones that are strictly for moms and dads. *wink wink*


    So Mommy and Daddy Pandy, set your home date already! Make sure you send your kids off to bed early, turn-off your mobile phones and enjoy your “we” time.