Happy Skin This Spring

Happy Skin This Spring

Macy Dela Cruz


Spring is officially happening! The world has awakened from its winter slumber, the warm rays of sunshine caressing the earth, gently shaking awake the life hidden beneath the white blanket of the previous season. The birds sing a refreshing song as the flowers and trees brush aside snow from their bodies to show off the bright colors of the new season. But wait! Spring is not all cheery and happy, it can also bring with it... allergies.

Here's a couple of ways to make sure your child keeps his or her smile unburdened by the fever of spring.

Most common of spring ailments is sneezing or runny noses. These are most often caused by tree pollen in the air. Trees release pollen and the wind carries them off to other areas. These are light and dry powdery grains, and cause itchiness on the skin, or irritation in the nose and throat. Best way to avoid these is stay indoors on dry windy days if you can, and only go out after a good rain, which clears pollen from the air. Don't hang laundry outside the house, pollen will stick on them. If ever you or your child needs to go outside, wear pollen masks to filter the pollen out.

Along with pollen, molds also cause their own set of breathing problems. Molds like yeast or mildew release spores which are also carried away by the wind, and unlike pollen, molds can exist both outdoors and indoors. It is advisable to clean your house thoroughly, both inside and the area outside to prevent molds from forming. Pollen masks also work against spores, so always keep some available.

As you and your family change from thick winter clothes to lighter spring clothes, you may notice some dry, cracked, irritated skin. These were caused by the cold weather and the heavy clothes, either trapping too much heat or the fabric causing irritation on the skin.  Andy Pandy Organic Baby Lotion can help to ease the skin problems going into the spring season. And because it is all natural and contains anti inflammatory effects, it is safe for the whole family, especially for your child's delicate skin. Always try and keep your child's skin moisturized, and check the cloth fabrics to make sure it’s not causing itchiness or rashes. If the issues are severe, remember to go to the dermatologist for expert advice.

Spring is the season of life, and its best to take precautions for yourself and your baby to not be inconvenienced by the spring activities of other living things. We share our world with nature, and to protect it for the future of our children we have to deal with everything that comes with it.