The Best Fall Door Decoration Ideas

The Best Fall Door Decoration Ideas

Macy Dela Cruz

Painted Pumpkins

With little ones, it’s more fun to get your paints and paintbrushes out instead of the sharp carving knives. Acrylic and spray paint work best to cover the pumpkins (these paints do not crack), and then you can get out the safe, non toxic paints for little fingers to add eyes, noses, and mouths to their pumpkins! 


Silly Monster Door 

This one is so cute, and super simple to do. A big piece of colored cardboard, two paper plates and some colored construction paper and the possibilities are endless. Get some Command stick on velcro for a damage free hanging up, and bingo! You have a super cute and fun monster door!


Goofy Ghosts

Get a few foam balls from your local craft store and some of mom or dad’s old white t-shirts and these goofy adorable ghosts can be easily hung up on your porch! First, drape the t-shirts over the foam balls and jaggedly cut the bottoms. With a marker, have your child draw on some silly faces! You can stick a hook into the top and hang them up- so cute! Or here’s another ghost tutorial that uses balloons!  


Fall Flowers

If Halloween isn’t your theme, some beautiful fall flowers like potted mums alongside some pumpkins will make your front door seasonal and gorgeous. Add in some hay bales and a few corn stalks (from a local orchard!) or even a nice wicket basket full of apples. Oh man! Who’s got some apple pie?! I’m ready!


Decorating as a family at home is a fun and safe way to enjoy all this great season has to offer!  How are you decorating this fall? Let us know in the comments!


Alicia Ann Wilke