Andy Pandy Honors World Water Day

Andy Pandy Honors World Water Day

Macy Dela Cruz

March 22 is World Water Day

A Friendly Reminder from Andy Pandy

Wetlands serve a vital role not just for the animal & plant life they support; they serve many more purposes in maintaining a healthy environment. Wetlands filter chemicals and sediments out of water to maintain its quality before it is discharged into the ocean; prevent coastline erosion, and protect upland areas from flooding. These are just some of the numerous ecosytem services that our wetlands provide.

These days, human activities can highly impact our wetlands. That being said, we, at Andy Pandy encourage everyone to take action in protecting not just our wetlands but our whole natural environment. We are responsible for making sure that everyone - especially our children will have access to safe water, and healthy and sustainable resources in the coming years.

What you can do to help:

  • Participate in community programs that help protect and restore wetlands, and other natural habitat
  • Dispose trash and waste appropriately 
  • Avoid using plastic materials that can clog our oceans and hurt wildlife
  • Use non-toxic household items. Wind and rain can spread and wash chemicals into waterways.
  • Report illegal actions against the environment
  • Enjoy nature while preserving its integrity

Now is the best time to think about the future and try to focus more on preserving our nature. After all, we only have one Earth, so we better start taking care of it.