grandparent care package ideas

The Top 6 Grandparent Care Package Ideas

Macy Dela Cruz

By Alicia Wilke

Grandparents are super special people, so special, in fact, that I might take to crying even just writing about them. Before I start doing that, here are a few care package item ideas of what you can send to let them know you love and miss them, and wish so much that you could give them a great big hug every day!

Fuzzy socks

Your grandparents’ feet have worked the hardest and longest! Show them some love with a nice fluffy pair of warm socks! Bonus if they have a fun print or a funny saying on them! 


Warm lap blanket 

A warm blanket will help keep your grandparents’ laps snuggly until you can have your kids sit with them next!

Draw a family photo

Have your kids sketch out and color a nice picture of Grandma and Grandpa to send to them! Nothing will make them happier than a good crayon picture from their grandkids! 

Favorite snacks

All grandparents love their favorite snacks, I know mine really love honey mustard pretzels. I love honey mustard pretzels too and often eat them all up when I visit. Therefore it is imperative to send a refill. 🤣And to show you care! 

A mixed tape of their favorite songs

This one might be tough especially if you don’t have access to an old school tape player. But! Figuring out how to make them a nice mixed tape to play while they wear their fuzzy socks and have their lap blanket and favorite snacks AND they can listen to their favorite song?! You just won FAVORITE GRANDKID. I tell you that! 

A hand written note

This one will really bring it home. The simpler the better. A handwritten note that you care and love and miss them is their best thing to read!