The Top 25 Summer Activities For Toddlers

The Top 25 Summer Activities For Toddlers

Macy Dela Cruz

By: Rita Doctor


Because 2020 did not give us much of an avenue to enjoy summer as we had wanted and planned to, join me in saying, “Helloooo Summer of 2021!!!”

I’m guessing that you and your kids have never been more excited to welcome summer now that life is getting back to the REAL normal – not the “new” one that we were unexpectedly introduced to last year.  

Don’t you just feel like a child again brimming with excitement at the prospects that only the summer season can offer.  

I remember a kid show that my daughter (and I) used to watch. On the show’s finale, the characters belted out “Summer belongs to you, Summer belongs to everyone.”  Rings true especially for our kids, summer  should be fun, worthwhile and memorable.

We rounded up 25 activities that will keep you and your kids busy this summer.

  1. Let them play hide and seek and other forgotten outdoor games 
  2. Take your kids to a picnic at a park
  3. Let them do gardening with you
  4. Bubble making (check out this DIY toxic-free bubble solution)
5. Set up a swimming pool 
6. Water gun fight
7. Enroll your kids to learn a new sport
8. Set the grill and cook the barbecue and marshmallow with them
9. Teach them to bike
10. Stargazing at night
11. Make a scrapbook
12. Let them collect stones and paint on them
13. Throw an outdoor party
14. Set up a movie night in your backyard
15. Teach them a new dance
16. Install an inflatable slide
17. Do a “challenge me” day (e.g., no screen time for one day)
18. Teach them to bake
19. Make the kids organize bits and parcel of the house
20. Fly a kite
21. Paint/Arts session
22. Install a trampoline
23. Make an age-appropriate ninja warrior obstacle course
24. Treasure Hunting
25. Do camping outside or even inside the house

And because summer isn’t complete without being soaked up in the sun, don’t forget to take care of your children’s skin without neglecting yours as well.

Here are some summer skin care tips 

  • Put on sunscreen.  The ultraviolet rays is no respecter of no one whether the sun shows up or not.

  • Hydrate.  Since we’re doing more outside activities under the searing sun, it’s best to keep yourself and your little one hydrated always.

  • Don’t skip on applying lotion.  Do you also abhor putting on lotions especially on a hot and humid day?   The hot summer whether can cause dehydration leaving the skin to feel dry, irritated and develop itchy rashes. So, don’t forsake your skin care routine just yet.  Enter Andy Pandy Baby Lotion. Yup, it great for baby’s skin which makes it perfect for yours, too.  It’s not sticky and is easily absorbed by the skin.  It’s ideal for summer as it is light and non-greasy.

And the good news is it’s 100% made from organic toxic-free ingredients. Infused with the rosehip oil which moisturizes and primrose oils which nourishes and soothes the skin.  It’s organic food for yours and your baby’s skin.

We leave you with this line from the song, Wildfire, “Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.” 

Go ahead and make your summer the best ever yet ☺