10 Toddler-friendly Summer Activities

10 Toddler-friendly Summer Activities

Macy Dela Cruz

Summer is a magical time for toddlers, filled with endless opportunities for exploration, play, and learning. As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, it’s the perfect season to create lasting memories with your little explorer. Whether you're planning adventures at the beach, picnics in the park, or creative backyard activities, a well-thought-out summer to-do list can ensure that you and your toddler make the most of this vibrant season. Here’s a round-up of our favorite things to do during summer:

  1. Beach Day
   - Build sandcastles
   - Collect seashells
   - Splash in the shallow water

With lots of bending, running, and sitting in the sand, a strong, highly absorbent diaper is a must to ensure comfort and prevent leaks.
  1. Park Picnic
   - Enjoy a picnic lunch with toddler-friendly snacks
   - Play on the playground
   - Fly a kite
Remember to pack the right sun shield and sunscreen for your little ones at the park! Sunburns may be more dangerous for little kids. 

  1. Splash Pad Fun
   - Play in the water jets
   - Run through sprinklers
Our Andy Pandy Training Pants' high absorption helps keep those bottoms dry even after splashing around.
  1. Backyard Play
   - Set up a kiddie pool
   - Have a water balloon fight
   - Create a mini obstacle course

Running and jumping in a mini obstacle course requires flexibility and reliable protection from leaks. Good news! Our Training Pants are designed for active little ones on the move! 



Remember to keep children supervised during water play.


  1. Nature Walks
   - Explore a local nature trail
   - Look for birds and butterflies
   - Collect leaves and rocks
Exploring trails can take time, be sure to pack light snacks and refreshing drinks. 
  1. Outdoor Art
   - Paint with water on the sidewalk
   - Use washable chalk for sidewalk art
   - Make leaf rubbings
Always go for safe, non toxic coloring materials. End the day by washing up with Andy Pandy Organics Body Wash & Baby Shampoo. We love all the scents but the sweet orange is our bias during the summer season! ;)

  1. Farm Visit
   - Visit a local farm or petting zoo 
   - Feed the animals
   - Pick fruits or vegetables
Interact with animals responsibly and adhere to regulations. We don’t want to stress or frighten our farm friends. 
  1. Story Time
   - Read books under a shady tree
   - Have a story time session at the local library
   - Attend a children's storytelling event

  1. Music and Movement
   - Dance to fun, upbeat music in the backyard
   - Attend a local music festival or outdoor concert
   - Participate in a mommy-and-me music class
Dancing and moving around requires flexibility and leak protection. No one wants interruptions to the fun.

  1. Gardening
    - Plant flowers or vegetables together
    - Water the plants
    - Decorate flower pots
A great way to start them young! Don't forget to teach them the importance of taking care of our environment along the way.


We hope you and your toddler have a blast this season!