Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

April 20, 2021

Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

How do we celebrate Earth Day at Andy Pandy?  

Why we celebrate it every day – all 365 days ☺

How do we do that? Simply, by making our endearing Panda get up on his feet and do a little dance for joy.

You see at Andy Pandy, we make sure that all stages in developing and producing our bamboo diapers and bath essentials are non-toxic and won’t bring any harm to the environment. From sourcing of natural materials to manufacturing to packaging and all the way to purchasing, Andy Pandy products are possibly the earth-friendliest baby essentials you can find in the market.

When we say that Andy Pandy products are made with love for our children and our planet, we mean: EVERY.  SINGLE.  WORD.

Let’s  give you a peak on how Andy Pandy Premium Bamboo Diapers and Training Pants are made:


Our bamboo fibers are sourced responsibly from natural forests in China which is home to the biggest plantation of bamboo trees in the world. These bamboo fibers are naturally grown and harvested sans the use of commercial fertilizers, pesticides and other nasty chemicals that you can think of. The wood pulp for the diaper’s absorbent core is sourced from forests certified by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) that strictly adheres to forest management standards globally.  



Instead of using the conventional chemical method which is easier to source and more economical for production, we choose to use the mechanical method.  The process of extracting bamboo fibers through the physical method doesn’t involve synthetic chemicals and instead uses a high-temperature cooking and steaming technology.  Although this process may seem to be more labor intensive and pricier as compared to the chemical process, at the end of the day, we go for what is gentler to the environment and safer for our kids to use.



For the packaging, we make use of d2w film which actually looks and feels like plastic.  Unlike the  regular plastics that take an eternity to decompose, materials with d2w film adopts a biodegradable technology allowing it to degrade a whole lot faster until nothing is left – leaving no plastic and micro-plastic residues.


Ink-Free Diapers

If you ever wondered why Andy Pandy Diapers appear to  be simple (almost bare) in design, this is because we do not use any ink prints, dyes or colorants that make our diapers  truly harsh chemical free, non-toxic that is 100% safe to wear for even the most sensitive skin.




Because of the organic materials used in our disposable diapers, more than 60% of each Andy Pandy diaper will decompose on an average of two months in a controlled composting condition. On the contrary, studies suggest that disposable plastic diapers will totally decompose after 500 years – emitting methane and other toxic gasses which are believed to be more potent than carbon monoxide. You can just imagine what will be left of this planet if we continue to patronize products made of regular plastics.

Giving Back to the Environment

Our commitment to the environment goes full circle.  When you purchase any of our Andy Pandy products, the Eden Reforestation Project  will be planting two tree seedlings. And it doesn’t stop with the planting as our partner organization will ensure that these seedlings are nurtured until they become full grown trees.  How cool is that for the environment?


Andy Pandy Organics  

Ingredients used in our Andy Pandy Organics bath essentials are sourced from the organic farm of our founder in Canada. Vegan, Vegetarian Certified and cruelty-free – even the packaging is sustainable! We use up to 100% recycled content food-grade HDPE bottles – no PVC plastics nor BPA or Phlalate plasticizers. And have you ever heard of eco-labels? Well, our Andy Pandy labels are made with NO water, NO trees, NO bleach - no kiddin!



We have one planet.  

It takes all 365 days to save our planet for the next generation.  

Let’s celebrate the earth by being thankful for the good things it brings to us and by doing our part in preserving it every day.